Safe transport of cylinders

Transporting gas cylinders in enclosed vehicles can pose a safety risk and is regulated by law.

When transporting gas cylinders:

  • Do not carry a cylinder greater than 9kg in an enclosed vehicle.
  • You can transport up to 2 cylinders (of 9kg or less) at a time in an enclosed vehicle.
  • Secure each cylinder upright in the vehicle, preferably in the boot, with a plug firmly fitted in the POL valve.

For example:

  • You may carry a 9kg cylinder to a retailer for exchange.
  • You may carry a 3kg and a 9kg cylinder to a retailer for refilling.

Moving house

Most removalist companies will not transport gas cylinders. Some gas suppliers operate an exchange system—you can surrender a cylinder in one city and receive a voucher for a replacement cylinder in your new city.

To retain an empty cylinder, have it certified as ‘gas free’ by a gas supplier or approved cylinder test station.