Gas safety videos

These videos contain important safety  tips for using barbeques, gas stoves and other appliances that use fuel gas. These videos also highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Safety first: Mobile and portable gas appliances

Safety tips for using mobile and portable gas appliances and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Safety first: Gas appliance installation and maintenance

Safety tips for installing and maintaining your gas appliances.

Safety first: Gas appliances and carbon monoxide

Awareness of Carbon monoxide poisoning including causes, symptoms and prevention.

Safety first: Butane 'lunch box' cookers

Safety checks to ensure when you are using a butane cooker, it is used correctly. Portable  butane cookers should only be used in the manner for which they were intended  (e.g. simple stovetop cooking as depicted in the video).

Safety first: BBQs and  LP gas cylinders

View some practical safety checks you  can do to ensure your next BBQ is a safe one.

Safety first: Storing,  transporting and maintaining LP gas cylinders

View safety tips for storing,  transporting and maintaining LP gas cylinders.