Guidance and career counselling

Guidance officers

Guidance officers play a vital role in helping all students and their families get the most out of their school years. They help with career planning, but can also provide advice about support programs and access to helpful resources.

Guidance officers:

  • provide guidance and counselling services to students and their families to help guide students' personal and social development
  • identify individual's barriers to learning and help plan support programs
  • provide advice about education and career pathways, and can help define and coordinate a career pathway.

Contact your school to make an appointment with the guidance officer.

Career information

Find out about different careers:

Read more about choosing a career.

Work experience

Most high schools provide students with the opportunity to participate in work experience.

Work experience:

  • helps you to gain a better understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their workers
  • provides you with the opportunity to explore possible career options including non-gender stereotyped occupations
  • can build confidence and increase your motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training.

Contact your school to find more information about work experience programs.

The industry areas listed below provide structured work experience programs for students: