English as an additional language or dialect

Queensland is a multicultural society with approximately 220 languages or dialects now spoken across our state.

Students who are learning the English language while they learn the school curriculum are known as English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) learners.

EAL/D learners can include:

  • Students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
  • Students of migrant heritage born in Australia and other English speaking countries
  • Students from a non-English speaking country.

Help with language skills is available to ensure that all students can participate fully in classroom activities.

Contact your school to find out what EAL/D help is available.

What help is available?

To support EAL/D students, schools may:

  • offer interpreter services
  • make adjustments to classroom tasks, teaching materials, teaching styles and assessments
  • deliver specialist language programs in intensive English language units
  • recommend other support or counselling services through the guidance officer.

In all cases, teachers monitor the progress of students, provide extra support when needed and keep parents informed of progress.