Help for rural and remote families

Many families with school-age children live in rural and remote areas of Queensland. Financial support and allowances are available to help with education costs.

Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme

The Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme offers financial help to eligible families whose children live away from home to attend a state school, or an accredited non-state school.

The scheme provides 4 allowances:

  • Remote Area Tuition Allowance
  • Remote Area Travel Allowance
  • Remote Area Allowance
  • Remote Area Disability Supplement.

Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme

The Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme can help parents and carers of school-age students who cannot go to a state school, because they either:

  • live in an isolated area
  • have a disability
  • have special health needs.

Computer costs

If your child attends a School of Distance Education, you may be eligible for help with their computer equipment and internet access costs.

Check details of the Distance Education ICT Subsidy Scheme.

Help with school transport

Transport assistance is offered to eligible students living in isolated areas.

Read about other school transport assistance schemes.

Isolated students bursary

The Queensland Academies Isolated Students Bursary helps eligible students with their travel and accommodation costs when attending Queensland Academies.

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