Queensland Academies Isolated Students Bursary

Applications for 2019 are now open.

The Queensland Academies Isolated Students (QAIS) Bursary provides financial support to families of students living away from home to attend one of the departments three specialised Queensland Academies in South East Queensland including Creative Industries (Kelvin Grove), Health Science (Gold Coast) and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (Toowong).

The Bursary – for those who are not eligible for the Living Away From Home Allowance Scheme (LAFHAS) – includes a travel and student accommodation allowance. Neither allowance attracts GST and there is no financial means test.

To determine the financial support you may be eligible to receive, please refer to the 2019 QAIS Information Guide (PDF, 203KB).

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a bursary, all of the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • the student must be currently enrolled in and have satisfactory conduct, progress and attendance at the Academy
  • the student is not eligible to receive assistance through LAFHAS
  • the student must have a permanent home address in Queensland
  • the nearest Queensland Government state school to the student’s permanent family home, with the appropriate year level is located within an Outer Regional Australia, Remote Australia or Very Remote Australia – as per the Department of Education State School zone
  • the student’s travel is at least three hours per day from the student’s permanent home address to reach the Academy they are attending using school or public transport service.

Note: A new bursary application must be completed each year.

To apply

Please download the 2019 QAIS Information Guide (PDF, 203KB), complete a 2019 QAIS Application Form (PDF, 821KB) and submit the completed application form by April 28 2019 via email to the Scholarships and Grants team or by post to QAIS Bursary, Scholarships and Grants, Human Resources Branch, Department of Education, PO Box 15033, CITY EAST, Qld, 4002.

Contact us

Enquiries regarding the bursary can be directed by email to the Scholarships and Grants team, Human Resources Branch or phone (07) 3055 2969.

Information about the Queensland Academies is available on the website, or via email to the Queensland Academies Admissions Coordinator or phone (07) 3377 9366.