Wheelchair accessible taxis

Accessible taxis are available across south east Queensland and many regional centres. Often these are maxi taxis that can carry one mobility scooter (provided it can be secured in the vehicle) or two wheelchairs.

How to book an accessible taxi

  • Hail: flag down a vacant accessible taxi (when their ‘taxi' light is on)
  • Taxi rank: queue at a taxi rank with a rank marshal and request an accessible taxi
  • Telephone booking: to ensure priority over general and group bookings, advise that the taxi is to transport a person who uses a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Some operators have a priority telephone number for ordering wheelchair accessible taxis. Consult the Yellow Pages for contact details of taxi operators.

Booking fees

The maxi taxi booking fee is not charged if the taxi hire involves a person using a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Number of passengers

Accessible taxis can usually carry:

  • 1 wheelchair and 8 other passengers at one time
  • 2 wheelchairs and 5 other passengers at one time.

Mobility aid requirements

The available space for wheelchairs and mobility scooters in maxi taxis is usually 130cm by 80cm, with a door height of 140cm. The following measurements provide a guide:

  • Maximum width of mobility aid: 75cm
  • Maximum height of mobility aid: 130cm
  • Maximum combined weight of mobility aid and operator: 300kg.

'Council Cabs' shared taxi services

Many local councils across Queensland provide shared taxi services for people who are mobility-impaired and their carers. Council Cabs operate on a timetable to and from an area's local shopping centre, and cost a similar amount to public transport.

Contact your local council for Council Cab schedules and fees.

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