Community transport

Community transport is available to help people who have a disability travel for:

  • shopping and social activities
  • medical appointments.

Shopping and social activities

Free or low-cost transport is available for eligible people in some locations:

  • The Community Care program provides transport services for people who have a disability or condition which restricts their ability to access shops, day centres or appointments.
  • Councils often provide low-fare shared taxi services from home to shopping centres, and Community centres also run localised transport services in some areas. Contact your local council for details of both.

Medical appointments

Queensland Ambulance Service provides non-emergency patient transport for:

  • pre-arranged visits to a medical facility for ongoing treatment
  • transfer between medical facilities for specialist treatment.

The Queensland Ambulance Service must have at least 24 hours notice for bookings. An authorisation certificate from a doctor is required for non-emergency patient transport.

Contact the Queensland Ambulance Service on 13 12 33 for details or bookings.

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme contributes to the cost of transport and accommodation when specialist services are more than 50 kilometres from the referring hospital. A doctor's referral to the specialist service is required.

More information

The Queensland directory of health and community services lists government and private service providers throughout Queensland. Accessibility options can be selected through an advanced search.

TransLink's journey planner provides information about public transport options between starting points and destinations in South East Queensland.

qconnect provides information on public transport options in rural and regional Queensland.