How can I stay safe at home?

  • DVConnect This will open ( DVConnect is a 24-hour statewide domestic violence hotline that offers free, professional assistance such as counselling, intervention, transport and emergency accommodation for people in danger from a violent partner or family member.
  • Domestic violence orders A domestic violence order (DVO) is made by a magistrate in court and can protect you and others by stopping someone from committing violence against you. Find out how a DVO can help and how to apply.
  • Prepare your application for a protection order This online form is your application for a protection order. It can take an hour or more to complete. It includes questions about your situation, such as what happened, when and what protection you think you need.
  • Develop a safety plan Create a safety plan for when you feel unsafe or at risk of being hurt. Read examples of how you can prepare for a time when you may be in danger and need to leave home quickly.
  • Technology check-up This will open ( We use technology to work, socialise, exercise, bank, shop and travel, but who else has access to our information? Take the technology check-up to help put you in control.
  • Steps women with disability can take to stay safe Information and resources for women with disability who feel unsafe or at risk of being hurt. This includes actions you can take to stay safe if you think you are in a domestic and family violence situation.