Wild dog exclusion fencing sets sheep and goat sectors up for success

Since 2015, $27.1 million has been invested in the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative, supporting councils and landowners to deliver 9000km of cluster fencing to enclose 6.5 million hectares of grazing land and providing grants for other pest management programs.

This has helped reinvigorate Queensland’s sheep, wool and goat sectors which have experienced significant livestock losses due to wild dog attacks and feral pest impacts.

Last year, the state government invested a further $4 million in Rural Agricultural Development Grants, providing up to $200,000 per business with a sheep and goat export focus to help them leverage the benefits of cluster fencing.

The first round of grants awarded a combined $1.8 million to 10 successful applicants earlier this year, creating up to 77 Queensland jobs.

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