CopperString 2032

North Queensland will see the largest grid expansion in Australia through the $5 billion CopperString 2032 project.

The 100 per cent state-owned project, led by Powerlink, will connect the North West Minerals Province to the nation and deliver:

  • 800 direct jobs in construction
  • 500 kV line from Townsville to Hughenden, 330kV from Hughenden to Cloncurry, 220kV from Cloncurry to Mount Isa
  • $90 million for two SuperGrid Training Centre and Transmission Hubs, with interim hubs open in Townsville and Gladstone
  • Over $500 billion resources boom in critical minerals.

CopperString 2032

Thousands of new jobs in critical minerals mining, refining and renewables will propel Queensland closer to a low-carbon future. CopperString 2032 is essential to the new Queensland SuperGrid backbone, under the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

By integrating the nation-leading wind and solar resources with the grid, CopperString 2032 will secure North Queensland’s energy future and a powerhouse future for all Queenslanders.

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