Major pipeline projects moving forward

The first pipes have been delivered for the $983 million Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline project to deliver water from the Lower Fitzroy River in Rockhampton to Gladstone.

This 117 km pipeline will support long-term water security and provide water for Gladstone’s growing industrial sector, with capacity for 30 gigalitres per annum from the Fitzroy River.

Gladstone Area Water Board estimates 400 workers during the peak of construction, and project completion in 2026.

Survey activity is underway as part of the pre-construction works for the Toowoomba to Warwick pipeline, a $300 million project to support the long-term water security for Southern Downs and Toowoomba communities.

The 109 km pipeline is expected in 2027 and will have capacity for up to 10.3 megalitres per day from Wivenhoe Dam.

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