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What does the Premier do?

Finding out what our state Premier does is a good starting  point for understanding how our government works.

The term 'Premier' refers to a leader. Whether it's a school or the state of Queensland, we need leaders to guide us.

Principals are our school leaders. It's their job to make  sure a school timetable exists and that everyone sticks to it—without a  timetable, schools would be chaotic!

The same applies to states. We need leaders to make plans  and laws, look after the budget and run matters in our state.

In Queensland,  we choose our leaders in a contest called an election. The leader  of the political party that wins the election becomes the Premier. The Premier then leads  the government—the group of politicians who have been elected by the people in  their communities.

Together, the Premier and other members of the government  run the state.

Mostly, the Premier's job involves making tough decisions  about the issues that affect entire communities, often the entire state.

It also involves:

The Premier is also expected to have a vision for Queensland that addresses the big issues and includes plans for the state's continued prosperity.

The safety of our communities, health, education, climate  change and natural disasters such as floods are just some of the issues that  the Premier, with help from government Ministers, deals with every day.

For more information about the Premier and how government  makes decisions, read the:

What happens in an election?

The Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) has information about Queensland's  voting system and local, state and federal elections.

More information on how elections work.

How does government work?

To find out how governments are formed, how they make decisions and how you can participate, the Queensland Parliament has fact sheets for primary, high school and university students on a range of government-related topics.

Can I see or listen to Parliament in action?

You can visit Parliament House in Brisbane and, during sitting days members of the public can view their parliament at work from the Legislative Assembly Chamber public gallery.

You can also access live broadcasts of the Queensland Parliament online.

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