Our structure

Please note, departmental pages are being updated following the recent machinery of government changes.

A listing of Queensland Government departments and agencies with links to information about their roles, key people, structure, contact details and the Ministers relating to them.

Find contact details and the responsibilities of government ministers and assistant ministers.


Premier and Cabinet

Provides support and advice for the Premier and Cabinet and leads the public sector in delivering the government’s priorities.

Agriculture and Fisheries

Responsible for the agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries, including the provision of agricultural research, development and extension for the management of biological, animal welfare and product integrity risks.

Corrective Services

Responsible for the provision of corporate and executive services to Queensland corrective services.


Delivers world-class education services to ensure Queensland’s education systems are aligned to the state’s employment, skills and economic priorities. Also responsible for industrial relations and racing.

Energy and Public Works

Responsible for energy, building policy, asset management and Queensland Government procurement.

Environment and Science

Responsible for environmental planning and protection policy, pollution and waste management, marine and national parks management, science strategy. Also responsible for multicultural affairs.

Fire and Emergency Services

Responsible for the fire and rescue service, and disaster management.


Provides leadership and direction for the health sector, and creates an environment that encourages innovation and improvement in the delivery of health services. Also responsible for womens’ policy.


Delivers a range of housing services for Queenslanders. Also responsible for homelessness policy and services.

Justice and Attorney-General

Responsible for administering justice in Queensland and delivers services to ensure safe, fair and productive work environments which contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of Queenslanders. Also responsible for the prevention of domestic and family violence.

Public Sector Commission

The Public Sector Commission (PSC) is an independent central agency of government with key responsibilities for workforce policy, strategy, leadership and organisational performance across the Queensland public sector.

Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water

Responsible for regional economic development, manufacturing industry development and water.


Enables the productive and responsible use of Queensland’s natural land and mineral resources. Responsible for mining and petroleum, mine safety, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land interests and titles and land management.

State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

Responsible for state development, economic development, infrastructure, land use planning, urban growth and local government.

Tourism, Innovation and Sport

Responsible for tourism development and promotion, major events, innovation policy, strategy and programs, entrepreneurship policy, sport and recreation.

Transport and Main Roads

Works to implement the planning, management and deliverance of Queensland’s integrated transport environment in order to achieve sustainable transport solutions for road, rail, air and sea. Also responsible for driving the government's priorities in technology, intellectual property and service delivery.


Responsible for providing economic and financial advice to the government, as well as services to the community, to enhance the state’s financial position and economic performance.

Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services

Supports children and families to be safe and to thrive in culture and communities, free from abuse and neglect. Responsible for the redress scheme for Queensland survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Also responsible for seniors and disability services.

Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business and Training

Responsible for youth justice, employment, vocational education and training (VET), skills and workforce development, small business advocacy and resilience.

Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts

Responsible for the Path to Treaty and whole-of-government leadership, coordination and monitoring in policy, program and service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders. Supports the economic and social participation of culturally diverse communities across Queensland and works to strengthen connections between individuals, families and communities by providing and investing in quality human services. Also responsible for arts and youth affairs.