Gold Residential Project

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The Gold Residential Project is for Gold Award participants only.

This section of The Duke of Ed encourages you to broaden your life experience by working with others towards a common goal. It takes place in a residential setting.

It encourages personal achievements, enhanced social connections with new and interesting people and is a truly life changing experience.


  • You must participate in a purposeful activity away from where you live with people who are not your everyday companions—in Australia or another country.
  • Your activity must run for at least 5 days and 4 nights.

Activity ideas

Personal development courses

  • Coaching and activity courses
  • General training and adventure courses
  • Residential language courses
  • Leadership development courses.

Activity based

Community service

  • Construction project
  • Leader for a school camp or school holiday camp
  • Environmental conservation project
  • Community service projects—overseas or in Australia.


For more ideas, check out the list of Award activity ideas (PDF, 226.3 KB) or (RTF, 7.4 MB) .

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