Camps and outdoor education

School camps and excursions allow students to take part in curriculum-related activities outside the normal school routine. They often provide practical experiences to extend learning in a particular area; for example, a visit to a museum or a farm. Generally excursions occur within 1 day and camps involve at least 1 night away from home.

Camps and excursions are carefully planned and managed to ensure that activities are safe for all students and staff, and parental permission is always sought.

Contact your school to find out more about their scheduled camps or excursions.

Outdoor and environmental education centres

There are 25 environment education centres in Queensland. They provide school and community programs and some offer professional development programs for teachers. All programs are developed to enhance aspects of the school curriculum.

The centres are located in diverse environments—from the outback to the reef—and their programs focus on sustainability and valuing biodiversity. Depending on their location, they offer learning strategies in areas like:

  • archaeology and heritage interpretation
  • urban renewal
  • environmental investigations.

Through participating in camps and activities outside the classroom, students also have the chance to develop leadership skills and other social, physical and intellectual skills. They also learn about team building, working in groups and interacting with others in a different environment.

Choose from the list of centres to learn about the opportunities and the facilities on offer.

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