Drink driving reforms

The Queensland Government has announced a number of drink driving reforms that will commence on Friday 10 September 2021.

The changes aim to encourage increased participation in Queensland's Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program, to align the program with information to motivate drivers to separate their drinking from their driving and introduce education programs for drink drivers.

The changes include:

  • Applying the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program to all first time mid-range and high-range (0.1 blood alcohol content (BAC) or over) drink drivers
  • Introducing a mandatory short online education course for all first-time drink drivers as a relicensing requirement
  • Introducing an intensive, multi-session education program for all repeat drink drivers (regardless of their BAC) as a mandatory requirement to complete the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program
  • Introducing a performance period for Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program participants where they must demonstrate (through breath specimens to the interlock device) that they have separated drinking and driving
  • Extending the current 2 year interlock period to 5 years. This will mean that a person who does not participate in the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program will not be able to drive for 5 years from the end of their disqualification period.

As the changes progress, further information will become available.