Plan Drive Survive Hub

The Plan.Drive.Survive. Hub is an online service for people who have been convicted of a drink driving offence. You will be able to check your progress if you are required to complete any of the following programs:

About the hub

You can log in to the Plan.Drive.Survive. Hub to track your progress and find out when you can finish the interlock program.

In the hub you can view:

  • a timeline of your progress in the performance-based program
  • key interlock program dates (for example, your start date, performance period, estimated end date)
  • a record of:
    • alcohol detected by your interlock device
    • missed scheduled services
    • any attempt to circumvent or tamper with your interlock device
  • the status of applications you have submitted:
  • drink driving course requirements
  • drink driving course status.

Tracking your progress is particularly helpful during your performance period. The hub will provide you with important information about completing the program.

Track your progress and what you need to do to complete the interlock program.

Log in to the hub