Keep drinking and driving separate

It is difficult to judge blood/breath concentration (BAC) because there are a number of factors that can influence a person’s BAC. So rather than trying to keep track of what you are drinking, it is safest for you not to drink any alcohol if you plan to drive.

The only thing that will reduce your blood/breath alcohol concentration is time. Coffee, cold showers, vomiting or exercise will not reduce your blood/breath alcohol concentration.

Remember—that after a heavy night's drinking, you could still be over 0.05 the next morning. So, if you are in doubt of your BAC, don’t drive.

If you’re going out drinking, make sure you plan how you’ll travel home safely, before the drinking starts.

Can you stay at a friend’s place, organise a lift, use public transport or get a taxi? If you’re going out with other people, consider choosing someone in the group to be the designated driver to drive the others home.

Designated driver

The designated driver should not drink alcohol. It’s a good idea to choose the designated driver before you go out, and drive to the venue together in 1 car.

Hosting a party

The Mates Motel road safety campaign encourages people to care for each other by planning to separate drinking and driving by inviting friends to stay at their place.

When you are planning a party you can visit to create your own personalised Mates Motel sign. Put the sign on your Facebook page or invite to let your mates know they are welcome to stay the night. Remember to allow people to stay on for breakfast or even lunch the next day, to allow plenty of time for the alcohol to clear their system before driving.

Drink walking

If you are going to walk home, be aware of the dangers of drink walking. Alcohol affects your judgement, impairs your coordination and slows your reflexes which makes drink walking potentially dangerous.

Stay safe by:

  • walking with a sober friend or in a group
  • staying on the footpath
  • only crossing at marked crossings or under a streetlight to improve your visibility to motorists.