Rest areas

There are just over 450 rest areas to use on Queensland roads, all year round to help you manage your fatigue and not drive when tired. Rest areas are a place where you can stop and rest, making your journey safer and more enjoyable.

There are 3 different rest areas available to help you manage your fatigue:

  • motorist rest areas—for general and recreational vehicles (including caravans and motorhomes) only
  • heavy vehicle rest areas—exclusively for heavy vehicles only
  • combined motorist and heavy vehicle rest areas—where there are designated areas for trucks, and general and recreational vehicles.

General and recreational vehicles can stop at a rest area for up to 20 hours unless signed otherwise, but they are not camping sites or an accommodation option. It is important motorists use rest areas designated for the type of vehicle they are driving. Check with the authority responsible for the relevant rest area for more information.

Truck drivers need to be able to rest in the heavy vehicle rest areas – they should not be used by other motorists, or to stop and camp.

Fines may apply if you are not driving a commercial or heavy vehicle and you are found using a heavy vehicle rest area. These fines are in place to make sure truck drivers get to take their legislated rest breaks when using Queensland roads.

What can I find at a rest area?

  • picnic tables
  • BBQs
  • water
  • toilets
  • bins
  • parking areas
  • shelter
  • tourist and route information.

Some rest areas even have playgrounds.

There are 3 types of rest areas throughout Queensland:

    Parking area guide sign
  • motorist rest areas—for motor vehicle and caravan stopping only
  • Truck parking area guide sign
    heavy vehicle rest areas—for heavy vehicle stopping only—around 115 locations
  • combined motorist and heavy vehicle rest areas—where trucks, motorists, and caravans can stop and take a break—around 50 locations.

Rest area locations

Rest area guide signRest area ahead guide sign

Guide  signs that are blue with a white design of a tree and picnic table on them mark  where a rest area is. When you are coming up to a rest area, a rest area ahead  guide sign will be on the side of the road—it will let you know how far away it  is.

Refreshments or cafeteria sign
If you are approaching a driver reviver site, you may also see a blue guide sign with a white design of a coffee cup.

Our service and community facility signs can help you when you are travelling.