Driver reviver sites and rest areas

If you are driving a long distance on Queensland roads, we encourage you to take a break every 2 hours for at least 15 minutes. You can stop at a driver reviver site or any rest area located throughout the state.

Driver reviver sites operate during school holidays and public holiday periods. Rest areas are always available for you to stop and recover at any time. You should plan ahead which rest areas and driver sites you will stop at on your journey.

Driver reviver sites

Driver reviver sites are set up at rest areas, and supply free tea, coffee and snacks for all travellers. You may see other service signs like the blue and white design of a coffee cup to let you know a driver reviver site is ahead.

Refreshments or cafeteria sign

Rest areas used as driver reviver sites have:

  • picnic tables
  • playgrounds in some locations
  • water
  • toilets
  • rubbish bins
  • parking areas
  • shelter
  • tourist and route information.

Queensland's driver reviver sites are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers from a wide variety of community organisations.

Contact your local road safety advisor if you would like to become a volunteer.

Driver reviver locations

Driver reviver sites operate on different dates and at different hours. The dates and times they operate may change due to weather, events or unforeseen circumstances. Find out when they are open.

Use our interactive driver reviver map to locate driver reviver sites, obtain GPS coordinates and find out more about site facilities.

You can download our points of interest files to add driver reviver sites to your GPS device.

Visit the national Driver Reviver site for national locations and information about their operating dates and times.