Journey planning—maps

If you  are planning a driving holiday on Queensland roads—or to drive a long distance  in Queensland to your holiday destination—you should plan your journey, including  your route and stops, in advance.

Queensland is a large state with many different landscapes, including rainforests, beaches  and outback. Each landscape offers different driving conditions which can  sometimes make driving stressful, tiring or dangerous. Having a plan and being prepared is very important for your safety and the safety of other road users. Learn more about road safety for long drives.

There are maps available to help you plan and get prepared.


Guide to Queensland  Roads

If you  are planning to travel a long distance on Queensland roads you can view and print the Guide to Queensland Roads.

We  recommend you keep this guide in your glove box while driving around the state  (even if you plan to use a GPS or online map).

The Guide  to Queensland Roads shows:

  • motorist rest areas
  • driver reviver stops
  • scenic stops
  • public RV effluent dump sites
  • heavy vehicle rest areas
  • heavy vehicle stopping places (not shown if you order a copy of the guide)
  • accredited visitor information centres
  • road surfaces
  • distances
  • travelling times.

Having this guide on you could help keep you safe—particularly if your GPS and phone cannot get reception.

Road region maps

If you will mainly be travelling in 1 road region, you might  find the map of that region helpful. Queensland’s road region maps show:

  • road networks
  • railways
  • rivers
  • creeks
  • dams
  • towns
  • administrative boundaries
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads rest areas.