Construction vehicles

The non-complying vehicle catalogue includes approved non-standard construction vehicles that don't comply with standard regulations for registration and have a genuine need for limited access to the road network.

Download the conditional registration information sheet for the construction vehicle you need.

Information sheet
All terrain vehicles—soil testing machine
Backhoe loader
Bunker rake
Chip spreader wheel non-complying dimension
Compactor—landfill soil
Dozer—crawler or loader
Drilling/driving rig—track
Forklift—all terrain (telescopic)
Forklift—container handler
Forklift—piggy back
Forklift—yard (cushion tyres)
Forklift—yard (solid rubber tyres)
Grader—excess dimension
Grader—excess dimension—excess mass
Grader—excess mass
Lift—container handler
Line marker—large
Line marker—small
Loader—skid steer
Loader—wheel (excess dimension)
Loader—wheel (excess dimension – excess mass)
Mill reclaimer—track
Mill reclaimer—wheel
Mobile aerial work platform
Mower—ride-on or lawn tractor other than tractor
Paver or finisher—track
Paver or finisher—wheel
Pipe layer
Road reclaimer/stabiliser
Rock/dumper buggy
Rock/dumper—excess dimension
Roller—multi tyred-wheel
Roller—padfoot drum
Roller—smooth drum – soil compactor
Roller—smooth drum –steel wheel
Scraper—wheel—excess dimension
Scraper—wheel – excess dimension – excess mass
Scraper—wheel—excess mass
Self-loading concrete mixer
Self-propelled mining low loader—excess dimension
Shuttle buggy
Specialised rail and airport vehicles (non-road vehicles)
Sweeper—street – on-road left hand drive non-truck based
Sweeper—street – on-road centre/right hand drive non-truck based
Sweeper—street small off-road
Terminal tractor
Tow motor
Transporter—manufacturing –off-road (12t GVM)
Trucks—articulated—excess dimension
Trucks—articulated – excess dimension – excess mass
Trucks—articulated water truck – excess dimension
Trucks—water truck – excess dimension
Utility—factory less than 2.5t GVM
Utility—off-road less than 2t GVM