Limousine service standards

The Queensland Government has made changes to strengthen customer, driver and vehicle safety standards relating to limousines, as well as improving transparency on passenger fares.

Limousine safety requirements

  • You can identify limousines safely through the distinctive registration plate:
    • Limousines: ‘L’ + 5 numbers + ‘Queensland Limousine’ (maroon and white colours)
    • Special purpose limousines: 'SL' + 2 numbers + 2 letters + ‘Queensland Limousine’ (maroon and white colours).
  • All limousine vehicles must pass a safety inspection every year.
  • You cannot hail a limousine from the street or from a taxi rank
  • Approved security cameras are mandatory in all taxi, limousine and booked hire service vehicles within relevant areas where the service meets any of the following risks:
    • driver or passenger is anonymous (for example rank and hail work)
    • cash transactions
    • point of payment is made in person before, during or after the journey.

For those services that don't meet the criteria, operators and drivers may voluntarily install an approved security camera system in the vehicle but must comply with the personalised transport security camera requirements when installing and using the camera.

  • It’s illegal for your driver to make arrangements with you for future bookings, unless they also have approval to operate as a booking entity.

Limousine driver requirements

  • All authorised drivers undergo criminal and traffic history checks before becoming a driver. They are also continuously monitored once they become drivers.
  • Drivers must comply with zero alcohol and drug limits.
  • Drivers cannot drive while fatigued.

Limousine service and fares

  • You will receive a fare estimate when pre-booking your service.
  • You can request a receipt which must include a break-down of your total fare and any payment surcharges.
  • You can receive assistance to board the vehicle and load your luggage without additional charges.
  • You can receive assistance to unload your luggage and leave the vehicle without additional charge.

Limousine passenger responsibilities

  • The Queensland Government does not regulate the age of passengers. Please check with your service provider for any passenger age restrictions.
  • You are responsible for wearing a seatbelt.
  • If you have a child with you (under 16 years of age), you must ensure they are properly restrained. If you have your own child restraint, check with your limousine service provider if it can be installed in the vehicle.

Accessibility information

  • You can be accompanied by an assistance animal if required.