What is driver authorisation and operator accreditation

Under the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994, all Queensland public passenger service:

  • drivers must be authorised—to drive
  • operators must be accredited.

Driver authorisation

Driver authorisation is a qualification that allows you to drive a public passenger service—including taxis, buses, limousines or booked hire services.

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Operator accreditation

Operator accreditation is a qualification that allows you to operate a public passenger service.

Operators of (road-based) public passenger services in Queensland are required to hold operator accreditation unless an exemption applies. Exempt services include:

  • booked hire services (including booked hire services provided in limousines)
  • taxi services
  • some courtesy and community transport services.

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More information

For more information on driver authorisation and operator accreditation, you can contact a: