Apply for driver authorisation or operator accreditation

You need to meet certain requirements when applying to obtain a driver authorisation or operator accreditation.

Driver authorisation

If you intend to drive a motor vehicle providing a public passenger service—you may need to apply for driver authorisation for the service. Driver authorisation categories include:

  • Booked Hire/Taxi (includes taxi, limousine and booked hire services)
  • General services – authorises the holder  to drive a vehicle being used to provide any public passenger service other  than a booked hire service or a taxi service.
  • Restricted driver authorisation.

Read more about driver authorisation.

Renew your driver authorisation

Check how to renew your driver authorisation (PDF, 97KB).

Operator accreditation

Before you can operate certain public passenger service, you may need to apply for operator accreditation—for the relevant category.

Read more about operator accreditations, including information on the requirements of accredited operators.

Renew or amend your operator accreditation

Check how to renew your operator accreditation (F2768) for a public passenger service.

You can also amend details of your operator accreditation (F3208) if needed.

Application forms

You will need to complete the relevant public passenger application form/s to apply to become authorised to drive, and/or accredited to operate a public passenger service.

More information

For more information on applying for a driver authorisation and/or operator accreditation, you can: