Using QGrants for FairPlay vouchers

If you are experiencing issues with the QGrants system, read this information to help solve your technical questions.

How to create a QGrants account

Watch the video to find out how easily you can create your personal QGrants account.

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Let’s create a QGrants account.

You’ll need an email address and the instructions on our ‘Applying for a FairPlay voucher’ page:

Begin by entering first name, surname and email address.

Then, create a password.

Click to confirm you’re not a robot.

Once you click register you will receive an email to your nominated email address. You need to open this email and click the activation link to finalise the process.

If the email isn’t in your inbox, be sure to check your junk mail.

Authorised by the Queensland Government, William St, Brisbane.

Managing your organisation’s QGrants account


If you are the new key contact and you have access to the previous key contact’s account, you can update this account with your name and phone number.

The Account ID details and email login address will not change in the account; however your name, as the new organisation contact will be displayed on the account and you will also be listed as key contact in the linked activity provider account. You will not need to submit an organisation change request form.

If there is no key contact or you do not know the previous key contact’s QGrants account details, please follow the instructions below to set up a new personal QGrants account and complete a Activity Provider update form.

  1. Go to the QGrants login page.
  2. Follow the instructions and click ‘Register’.
  3. An email to activate your account will be sent to the email address you registered with. Click on the activation link within the email (activation links only last for 24 hours).
  4. Once the account is activated, complete an Activity Provider update form noting the details of the new QGrants account you want linked to the club.
  5. You will receive email notification from the FairPlay vouchers team once your new account is linked. As the new contact person, you will be able to redeem vouchers when the round is open.

You can update the bank details for your organisation when you redeem your next FairPlay voucher. When you progress to the ‘Bank Account Details’ screen select ‘Create new bank account’ and enter the new bank account details. You will then be able to select this new account each time you redeem a voucher.

If you need to update the organisation’s bank details when the round is closed, please email us. The FairPlay vouchers team will contact you within 10 business days to update your bank details.

QGrants technical issues and data security

It’s best to use a personal computer or laptop to apply for a voucher. You may have issues when using a mobile phone or tablet.

Read the QGrants technical information for compatibility information.

Install the free Adobe Reader program on your computer, so you can view and print the voucher.

Connecting with the QGrants system

When the program opens, there will be a high demand on the system. If you are unable to connect immediately, try again later.

If you still need help with the QGrants system

Read the help guide for:

Email if you require an accessible version of the guides.