Using Enquire for department funding programs

If you are experiencing issues with the Enquire system, read this information to help solve your technical questions.

Managing your Enquire Grant Registration Portal account


If there is no key contact or you do not know the previous key contact account details, follow the instructions below to request a new key contact be added to the organisation account.

  1. Complete the Primary/key contact change request form noting the details of the new key contact.
  2. Email the completed primary/key contact form to
  3. The new key contact will receive an email notification from the FairPlay vouchers team once their new account is created and linked to the organisation account. The new key contact person will be able to redeem vouchers when the round is open.

An existing key contact is able to add a new user to the organisation and update the user's access to be a new key contact.

  1. Click on the instructions Add a new contact to an organisation account.
  2. Click on the instructions How to update the new user's access to be a key contact.

Connecting with the Enquire system

When the program opens, there will be a high demand on the system. If you are unable to connect immediately, try again later.

Further Enquire technical support

For further technical support please email