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Only approved Activity Providers can accept FairPlay vouchers from a parent, carer or guardian.

Watch the video below, to find out more about being an Activity Provider.

FairPlay Activity Provider

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Joining a sport or other physical activity organisation is a great way for kids to keep active.
But some kids can’t join because costs get in the way.
Families who need a hand can apply for FairPlay vouchers, which provide up to $150 towards Activity Provider registration fees or membership.
FairPlay vouchers can only be redeemed at a registered Activity Provider.
If you are a representative of an Activity Provider, you can check the Activity Provider directory on our website to see if your organisation is already registered.
It's best to search by activity and postcode in case your organisation is already listed under a slightly different name.
If your organisation is listed on the Activity Provider directory, it’s registered and ready to redeem FairPlay vouchers. If you don't find your organisation on the directory but you meet the eligibility requirements, registering online is easy.
Create a grants registration portal individual account using your personal details; not the organisations details, and click Get Started.  
You can login straight away to complete your user profile.  
Tick the privacy statement box.  
Complete your details and click save.
Continue to business registration and complete your organisations details and ‘save’ to exit.  
On the Home page click “Apply” to register as an Activity Provider for FairPlay vouchers.  
Enter your organisation’s details and submit your application.
Once you’ve submitted your application, we will assess it and get back to you. If your organisation is eligible, you will receive an email confirming you are registered and you are ready to redeem FairPlay vouchers.
If your organisation is not eligible, you’ll receive an email outlining why.
Once you’re registered, you can redeem a voucher.
On your home page, click on the ‘Applications’ tab, then ‘Redeem Voucher’.
We’ll cover trouble-shooting in a moment. For now, here’s how to redeem your vouchers.
One: Check your club and bank details are accurate.  
Two: Enter the voucher number and press enter.  
Three: Confirm the child’s details.
Four: Select the activity from the drop-down menu.
Five: Enter the participation fee. This should be the total cost for the child’s membership or registration not just the amount of the voucher.  
Six: Click ‘Redeem Voucher’.
You can check the status of each voucher on your home page.
Once you have redeemed a voucher, you’ll receive the funds within 10 business days.
Now, let’s trouble-shoot. If you don’t have a login, you will need to create a Grants Registration Portal account to redeem your vouchers. We have a ‘Creating an Account’ video that shows you what to do.
If you’re logged in but you can’t see a ‘Redeem Voucher’ button, you’ll need to ask your club’s key contact to add you. You’ll find instructions on our website.  
If your organisation is registered but some details on the Activity Provider directory need updating, like the Activity Provider’s email address, you can update these online. From your home page, click on your organisation name at the top right of the page and select ‘Account Details’. You can use the edit button to change the relevant details, then click ‘Save’.
As a registered FairPlay Activity Provider, you can also access a range of advertising that promotes your organisation as an Activity Provider.
Thanks for helping children and young people be active!
Authorised by the Queensland Government, William St, Brisbane.


Check if you’re eligible to be an Activity Provider:

To be considered as a registered Activity Provider you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Other requirements include:

  • providing player/team insurance
  • committing to child protection (for example, all volunteers in contact with children have a Blue Card)
  • having accredited coaches, referees, first aid officers, other relevant staff and/or volunteers providing the activity.

Usage of FairPlay vouchers



Activity Provider membership and/or participation costs (such as access to coaching, facility use and events, or weekly game fees).

Individual items such as uniforms, jerseys, boots, etc. when these are not included as part of the membership/participation fees.

Applying as an Activity Provider

  1. Create an Enquire account.
  2. Add your organisation to a business registration. The accountable officer should be the most senior person within the organisation such as the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson or Principal.
  3. Complete the activity provider application by:
    • clicking ‘Apply’ to register as an activity provider for FairPlay vouchers (this is located on the home page)
    • uploading the organisation’s bank statement which needs to exactly match the organisation’s legal name. The statement must be less than 3 months old. The department will not accept online printouts, transaction listings, account confirmations, screen captures, mobile app screenshots.
  4. There are two phases to the process. Once registered with your own email address (phase 1) you will need to apply to create a business account in the organisation’s legal name using the club/organisation email address (phase 2). (As shown on the ABN Register)
  5. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

You will receive an email confirming the outcome. Once approved, your organisation may accept and redeem FairPlay vouchers.

If your organisation is incorporated under an Act, please check your organisation’s legal name. If this legal name does not match the name on the Australian Business Register (ABR), your organisation must update the ABN to reflect the current legal name.

Incorporated organisations with an Incorporations Acts (IA) number do not require to be affiliated with a state or national level organisation, as the department recognises the governance arrangements required under the IA.

Non-incorporated organisations will need to demonstrate affiliation with a state or national level organisation for each eligible activity they wish to redeem vouchers for. This excludes State or National organisation’s that apply.

If the funds have not been paid into your bank account:

  • check your spam or junk email for the remittance advice
  • remittance advice is emailed to the primary contact email set-up in Enquire.

Organisations with activities at multiple sites

  • The Activity Provider locator only allows one location per activity provider.
  • Where an Activity Provider has multiple sites, register using the Activity Providers central address as the initial point of contact and tick/select that activities are provided in various locations.
  • Provide the department with a list of all locations by emailing

Activity Providers not on the Activity Provider locator list

  • When your organisation applies for FairPlay registration, the department checks all the information provided against the program eligibility requirements.
  • Where the department requires further information, the contact person will be emailed.
  • An email is also sent to the contact person when an Activity Provider is approved.
  • The department updates the Activity Provider locator list with newly approved organisations

You can update your bank account, email, or contact details in your Enquire account. If you have updated your bank account details, email a copy of your updated bank statement to

Redeeming a voucher

Where your club or organisations has been approved as a FairPlay Activity Provider, you may accept vouchers from parents, carers, or guardians.

FairPlay vouchers can only be redeemed with the Enquire system, which is not integrated with any other organisation’s websites or systems.

Steps to redeeming a voucher

  1. Login to your account, click on the ‘Redeem Voucher’ button.
  2. Check your organisation and bank details are still current and correct or edit to update.
  3. Read the terms and conditions and tick the box if you agree.
  4. Click ‘Save’ to proceed.
  5. Enter the voucher number and check the voucher details to confirm you are redeeming the correct voucher.
  6. Select the participation activity from the drop-down.
  7. Enter the full membership/participation fee for the child/young person for the season.
  8. Fees are to be entered as the full amount that a child/young person is charged (rounded up to the nearest dollar) for membership and/or participation fees (not the $150 voucher amount).
  9. The voucher redemption amount will automatically populate as the membership/participation fee up to $150.
  10. If you have more vouchers to redeem, ensure ‘Redeem another voucher’ is ticked and click ‘Redeem’.
  11. If you don’t have any more vouchers to redeem, untick ‘Redeem another voucher’ and click ‘Redeem’.
  12. Remittance advice (including voucher numbers) will be sent to the key contact’s registered email address.

If you haven’t received the refund 10 business days after completing the redemption process, email and include the:

  • voucher number
  • child’s name
  • date it was redeemed
  • your contact details for a response.

When and how often you can redeem the vouchers

  • Redeem vouchers all at once or as you receive each voucher.
  • All vouchers for the round must be redeemed by the final redemption date.

The FairPlay round will close early where all available vouchers have been allocated and is unable to guarantee that an eligible child or young/person will obtain a voucher.

If you’re having issues registering or redeeming vouchers, email providing details of the issue/s and include a screen shot where possible.

If the activity provider sign on day is prior to the vouchers being released

Some organisations/clubs have children register prior to the FairPlay round being available. In these instances, Activity Providers may choose to defer the membership/participation fees of eligible child/ren until FairPlay is open and vouchers have been approved.

Cancelling a voucher

If a child is injured or changes their mind about participating in the chosen FairPlay activity provider:

  • the parent will need to discuss cancelling membership with you.
  • vouchers cannot be transferred to any other child.
  • you are unable to redeem FairPlay vouchers for cash, or refund the amount to parents, carers or guardians.
  • if your organisation has incurred any costs this should be deducted from the amount claimed.
  • any unspent funds not transferred to another registered organisation should be returned to the department.
  • parents, carers or guardians can request changes to their FairPlay voucher to the department who will assess each request based on circumstances.

Where a child is not progressing with the membership, the Activity Provider and parent need to discuss the options for the child and the activity provider, including:

  • Activity Provider deducting any costs incurred from the amount claimed.
  • the option to transfer the membership to a different activity provider.
  • the return of unspent funds to the department.

If a child is not selected/provided with a place in a team

  • If the Activity Provider is not able to field a team due to insufficient numbers, then the parent, guardian or carer will need to discuss options with the Activity Provider directly.
  • If the FairPlay voucher has not been redeemed by the Activity Provider, it should be returned to the parent, carer or guardian so they can present it at another Activity Provider.
  • If the voucher has been redeemed, the parent, carer or guardian and the Activity Provider can discuss transferring the membership/participation fees to another registered Activity Provider

The FairPlay voucher value is not redeemable for cash or transferable to another child and cannot be refunded back to the applicant.

Email for more details.


Once we have confirmed you are registered, use the poster to promote FairPlay:

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