Registering as an activity provider for FairPlay vouchers

Only registered activity providers can accept FairPlay vouchers from a parent, carer or guardian. These vouchers can be used towards membership, registration or participation fees for eligible activities.

You can register your organisation at any time, and your details will be included on the activity provider directory. You only need to register your organisation once - there is no need to register for each round.

1. Check if you are eligible

To become a registered activity provider, your organisation must meet all of the following criteria:

  • have a valid and current Australian Business Number (ABN) or be incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 with an Incorporated Associations (IA) number
  • be either:
    • a Queensland sport and active recreation organisation (excluding unincorporated not-for-profit organisations) affiliated with one of the listed State or National Level Organisations listed for FairPlay vouchers
    • an incorporated not-for-profit community organisation providing physical activity as part of its programs
    • a State or National Level Sporting Organisation
    • a P&C Association established under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.
  • provide one or more activities that are:
    • listed in the eligible activity list
    • delivered by the organisation in the State of Queensland
    • provided by the organisation over a (minimum) series of 8 weeks/sessions
  • have and maintain suitable public liability and team/participant insurance
  • meet the Queensland Blue Card requirements for persons working with children
  • ensure that the eligible activity/ies are conducted by appropriately qualified persons, including (but not limited to) coaches, instructors, referees, managers and first-aid officers (where applicable).

2. Check if you are already registered

First, check the activity provider directory to find out if your organisation is already registered.

If you are registered already, check the details are correct. If any changes are required, complete the activity provider update form.

3. Read the terms and conditions

Read and understand the FairPlay voucher activity provider terms and conditions.

4. Nominate a key contact from your organisation

Your organisation must have a key contact with a personal QGrants account. This personal account is then linked to the organisation account, giving the key contact the authorisation to redeem vouchers. Personal details for organisation contacts must be noted in this account for organisation registration requirements.

5. Create a QGrants account

If the key contact doesn’t already have a QGrants account, create a QGrants account using a personal email address or a generic email address for the organisation (e.g. Watch the video on how to create a QGrants account.

6. Complete the activity provider registration

Complete the activity provider registration in QGrants. Please login with the personal QGrants account you want linked to the organisation.

The activity provider directory only allows one location per organisation, so if you have multiple sites, list one central address as the initial contact point. During the registration process, you can tick the selection of activities that are provided in various locations.

Register as an activity provider

Watch the activity provider registration video

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After you apply

Once you have completed the online registration process, we will assess your application.

If your organisation is eligible, it will be listed on the activity provider directory once we have processed your registration.

If your organisation’s registration needs more information, we will get in touch with your key contact.

Managing your organisation’s details

Complete the activity provider update form to:

  • update a key contact’s details
  • remove the existing key contact
  • update the organisation’s details listed on the activity provider directory.

Promote your organisation as a registered activity provider

Once we have confirmed you are registered, you can use these materials to promote FairPlay:

You can:

  • publish the web badge on your website
  • put the poster up around your organisation or at other local venues
  • write an article in your newsletter
  • publish on your social media that round 2 is opening soon.

These materials should only be reproduced from the original files provided and should not be recreated or redrawn.