Registering as an activity provider for FairPlay vouchers

Only approved activity providers can accept FairPlay vouchers from a parent, carer or guardian. These vouchers can be used towards membership, registration or participation fees for eligible activities.

Organisations can now apply to become an activity provider. Please see instructions on how to apply in Enquire. You will need to have a copy your organisation’s bank account details which are less than 3 months old.

You can register your organisation at any time, and your details will be included on the activity provider directory. You only need to register your organisation once – there is no need to register for each round.

1. Checking if you are eligible

To become a registered activity provider, your organisation must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. have a valid and current Australian Business Number (ABN) and be either:
    1. a sport and active recreation organisation or business, that is delivering an approved Eligible Activity in Queensland and is affiliated with one of the listed State or National Level Organisations, or
    2. one of the listed Queensland State or National level sporting organisations; or
    3. a Queensland not-for-profit sport or recreation organisation, or a not-for-profit community organisation (providing physical activity as a part of its programs), incorporated under the:
      1. Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld),
      2. Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth),
      3. Cooperatives Act 1997 (Qld), or
      4. Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cwlth); or
    4. a P&C Association established under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006; or
    5. a Queensland State Primary or Secondary School or Queensland Non-State Primary or Secondary School (established under legislation)  affiliated with one of the listed State or National Level Organisations, and has a team which competes in community (non-school) events;
  2. provide one or more activities:
    1. listed in the eligible activity list;
    2. delivered in the State of Queensland,
    3. provided over a (minimum) series of 8 weeks/sessions,
  3. have and maintain suitable public liability and team/participant insurance;
  4. meet the Queensland Blue Card requirements for persons working with children; and
  5. ensure that all Eligible Activities are conducted by appropriately qualified persons, including coaches, instructors, referees, managers and first-aid officers (where applicable).

2. Check if you are already registered

Check the activity provider directory to find out if your organisation is already registered.

3. Applying in the new system

Step 1

Create an Enquire account and follow the steps to add your organisation to a business registration.

Step 2

To complete the business registration, you will need to know the following:

  • the ABN and IA (if applicable)
  • the business account name (i.e. the organisation’s legal name)
  • primary email and phone – should be the best contact for new members to register – this information will be published on the activity provider directory on our website, so consider this if providing a personal address or phone number rather than a generic organisation contact
  • primary address of the physical location of the organisation – should be the physical location of your club so that members know where they will be participating
  • key contact is the person applying
  • accountable officer should be the most senior person within the organisation such as the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson or Principal.

Step 3

Complete the activity provider application by:

  • clicking ‘Apply’ to register as an activity provider for FairPlay vouchers (this is located on the home page)
  • reading the privacy statement
  • selecting all activities you are wanting to redeem vouchers for
  • providing bank account details – the organisation’s bank statement needs to show that the business account name matches the organisation’s legal name
  • uploading the organisation’s bank statement which needs to exactly match the organisation’s legal name. The statement must be less than 3 months old. The department will not accept online printouts, transaction listings, account confirmations, screen captures, mobile app screenshots.
  • reading the terms and conditions.

You will receive an email confirming the outcome. Once approved, your organisation may accept and redeem FairPlay vouchers.

If your organisation is incorporated under one of the Acts mentioned in (a)ii you can check your organisation’s legal name. If this legal name does not match the name on the Australian Business Register (ABR), your organisation must update the ABN to reflect the current legal name.

If your organisation is not incorporated, check the ABR for your legal name.

Apply now

If you have any questions, please email

FairPlay Activity Provider

Duration 3:44

Joining a sport or other  physical activity organisation  
is a great way for kids to keep active.  
But some kids can’t join  because costs get in the way.  
Families who need a hand can  apply for FairPlay vouchers,  
which provide up to $150 towards Activity  Provider registration fees or membership.  
FairPlay vouchers can only be redeemed  at a registered Activity Provider.  
If you are a representative of an Activity  Provider, you can check the Activity Provider  
directory on our website to see if your  organisation is already registered.  
It's best to search by activity and postcode  in case your organisation is already listed  
under a slightly different name. If your organisation is listed on the  
Activity Provider directory, it’s registered  and ready to redeem FairPlay vouchers.  
If you don't find your organisation on  the directory but you meet the eligibility  
requirements, registering online is easy. Create an grants registration portal  
account for yourself and complete your user  profile. Enter your organisation's details  
and submit your application. To register your organisation as an  
activity provider, continue the application  by completing the business registration.  
Once you’ve submitted your application,  we will assess it and get back to you.  
If your organisation is eligible, you will  receive an email confirming you are registered  
and you are ready to redeem FairPlay vouchers. If your organisation is not eligible,  
you’ll receive an email outlining why. Once you’re registered, you can redeem a voucher.  
On your home page, click on the  ‘Applications’ tab, then ‘Redeem Voucher’.  
We’ll cover trouble-shooting in a moment.  For now, here’s how to redeem your vouchers.  
One: Check your club and  bank details are accurate.  
Two: Enter the voucher number and press enter. Three: Confirm the child’s details.  
Four: Select the activity  from the drop-down menu.  
Five: Enter the participation fee. This should  be the total cost for the child’s membership or  
registration not just the amount of the voucher. Six: Click ‘Redeem Voucher’.  
You can check the status of  each voucher on your home page.  
Once you have redeemed a voucher, you’ll  receive the funds within 10 business days.  
Now, let’s trouble-shoot.  If you don’t have a login,  
you will need to create a Grants Registration  Portal account to redeem your vouchers.  
We have a ‘Creating an Account’  video that shows you what to do.  
If you’re logged in but you can’t  see a ‘Redeem Voucher’ button,  
you’ll need to ask your club’s key contact to add  you. You’ll find instructions on our website.  
If your organisation is registered but some  details on the Activity Provider directory  
need updating, like the Activity Provider’s  email address, you can update these online.  
From your home page, click on your organisation  name at the top right of the page and select  
‘Account Details’. You can use the edit button to  change the relevant details, then click ‘Save’.  
As a registered FairPlay Activity  Provider, you can also access a  
range of advertising that promotes your  organisation as an Activity Provider.  
Thanks for helping children  and young people be active!  
Authorised by the Queensland  Government, William St, Brisbane.

Promote your organisation as a registered activity provider

Once we have confirmed you are registered, you can use these materials to promote FairPlay:

You can:

  • publish the web badge on your website
  • put the poster up around your organisation or at other local venues
  • write an article in your newsletter.

These materials should only be reproduced from the original files provided and should not be recreated or redrawn.