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About the victims register

How to contact the Victims Register

Queensland Corrective Services Victims Register
GPO Box 1054

Free Call: 1800 098 098 (business hours 8am to 5pm)


The Victims Register is part of Queensland Corrective Services and is established under the Corrective Services Act (2006) s320. The Register works with the assistance of other parts of Queensland Corrective Services to inform eligible persons about important events in the sentences of those who they have registered against.

Information is provided to an eligible person in accordance with s324A and s325 of the Corrective Services Act 2006.

Information that must be provided to an eligible person includes:

  • the prisoner’s eligibility or actual date for discharge or release;
  • the death or escape of the prisoner;
  • the fact and date of any other circumstances relating to the prisoner that may endanger the eligible person’s life or physical safety.

Information that may be provided to an eligible person includes:

  • the prisoner’s location;
  • the prisoner’s security classification;
  • the prisoner’s transfer between corrective services facilities, interstate or overseas;
  • the length of the term of imprisonment and any further cumulative terms of imprisonment imposed while in custody;
  • the outcome of parole applications or other exceptional events relating to the prisoner.

The QCS Victims Register also advises an eligible person when:

  • a prisoner has made an application for parole, other than exceptional circumstances parole and provides them with the relevant form to make a submission to the Parole Board Queensland;
  • a prisoner/offender has made a request to change their name and provides them with the relevant form to make a submission to the delegate.

Additionally, for those prisoners/offenders who fall under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003, the QCS Victims Register, as prescribed under s9AA and s21A of the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003, provides an eligible person with the relevant form to make a submission to the Supreme Court.

There is no provision in the Corrective Services Act 2006 for an eligible person to be provided an opportunity to make a submission to the Parole Board Queensland in the event that a prisoner makes an application for exceptional circumstances parole. However, should the Board decide to grant exceptional circumstances parole, the eligible person will be informed.

Should an eligible person wish to make a submission post the granting of exceptional circumstances parole, they may do so for consideration by the Board.

Translation services and assistance for eligible persons with impairment

Should you require assistance by way of an interpreter or translator please contact Queensland Corrective Services supplier on the link below:

If you have a hearing disability, please contact:

Registering with the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) Victims Register

If you require a Form-49 Application to Register with the Queensland Corrective Services Victims Register please contact the QCS Victims Register.

Who is eligible to be placed on the QCS Victims Register?

  • the actual victim of a violent or sexual offence for which an offender has been sentenced to a period of imprisonment (unless it is a wholly suspended sentence) or who is a supervised dangerous prisoner (sexual offender);
  • if the victim is deceased, an immediate family member of the deceased victim;
  • if the victim of a violent or sexual offence is under 18 years or has a legal incapacity, the victim’s parent or guardian;
  • a person who has been subject to domestic violence and the offender has been sentenced to a period of imprisonment for any offence.

Who else may be eligible to be placed on the QCS Victims Register?

A person who does not meet the above registration criteria may still be considered for placement on the QCS Victims Register if the person can demonstrate:

  • a documented history of violence against them by an offender e.g. a current or expired Domestic Violence Order; or
  • that their life or physical safety may be endangered due to a connection to the offence for which an offender has been imprisoned e.g. they may have given evidence against the offender in a court proceeding.

For both of the above criteria, the offender must be convicted of a violent or sexual offence.

Who is considered to be an 'immediate family member'?

The Corrective Services Act 2006 defines 'immediate family member' as a person's spouse, child, stepchild, parent, step-parent, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, grandparent or legal guardian. In the case of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, extended family relationships may also be recognised.

The registering victim may nominate another person to receive information on their behalf.

A registering victim may nominate another person, such as a friend or family member (known as a nominee), to receive the information about the offender on their behalf. The registering victim should indicate this when applying for inclusion on the QCS Victims Register. A registering victim can also nominate a government or non-government agency to receive information on their behalf if that entity agrees e.g. children under the care of the Department of Communities - Child Safety or Justice Groups.

The application process

Upon receipt of a completed Form 49 - Application to Register with the Queensland Corrective Services Victims Register, the QCS Victims Register must establish the legislative basis and eligibility status of the applicant.

The QCS Victims Register may contact the following sources to seek further information or clarification to assist in the application process:

  • Queensland Police Service;
  • Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions;
  • Magistrates Court.

Outcome of an application

Once an application has been approved and processed, the victim or their nominee will receive a letter from the QCS Victims Register confirming their registration as an eligible person. This letter will also provide information about the prisoner’s/offender’s sentence, release and eligibility dates and the location where incarcerated or supervised by Probation and Parole.

The QCS Victims Register will write to the eligible person and advise them of changes to the prisoner’s/offender’s circumstances or status.


Are the details of eligible persons confidential?

The hard copy details of eligible persons are stored securely by Queensland Corrective Services. Computer records relating to the Victims Register are only able to be accessed by a very limited number of staff within Queensland Corrective Services.

Prisoners/offenders are not informed when a person is placed on the QCS Victims Register nor will the QCS Victims Register release information to anyone other than the eligible person or their nominee unless required to by the Corrective Services Act 2006, other legislation or by a court order.

Does the information provided to me by the Victims Register need to remain confidential?

All information provided by the QCS Victims Register must be treated confidentially. Information from the QCS Victims Register must not be disclosed for public dissemination by either the eligible person or their nominee. This includes, but not limited to, disclosure of confidential information to any media outlet (e.g. television, newspaper, radio, the internet, book or other form of communication), distributing the confidential information in leaflets or brochures in letterboxes or by announcing the confidential information in a meeting.

Disclosure of this information publicly, may result in the completion of their registration and other penalties as described in s341 of the Corrective Services Act 2006, including up to 2 years imprisonment.

An eligible person or their nominee may disclose relevant confidential information (such as the prisoner’s discharge date) to a third party, for example a Domestic and Family Violence Support Service, for the purposes of obtaining support and assistance.

Blocking mail from prisoners in custody

An eligible person may request for the prisoner they are registered against not to communicate with them in writing while they are in custody.

This can be actioned by writing to the General Manager of the correctional centre where the prisoner is incarcerated.

Persons registered with the QCS Victims Register are advised of the process through correspondence from the QCS Victims Register.

Proximity searches

A proximity search is sought in the following circumstances:

  • an offender makes a request to travel interstate;
  • a prisoner/offender applies to transfer their parole order interstate;
  • an offender applies to change their address when supervised in the community;
  • a prisoner is considered for transfer to a work camp in the community; and
  • a prisoner is required to have an Accommodation Risk Assessment completed for consideration by the Parole Board Queensland prior to any release.

As part of that process, the QCS Victims Register will be contacted to ensure that no eligible person lives in proximity to the prisoner's/offender's proposed address. At no time during this process will the QCS Victims Register disclose the name or address of an eligible person. The QCS Victims Register will simply advise of concerns, if any, with the proximity of the proposed address. If applicable, this information will be included in a report to the Parole Board Queensland for its consideration.

Please notify the QCS Victims Register of a residential address change as soon as possible.

Queensland Corrective Services Victims Register
GPO Box 1054
Free Call: 1800 098 098

Legislation and procedures

Corrective Services Act 2006

Dangerous Prisoner (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003

Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009

Disclosure of Confidential Information

Victims Register Procedure - Release of Information

Victims Register Procedure - Placement and Removal of Applicants

Instrument of Delegation of Chief Executive Powers – Corrective Services Act 2006

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Victims registers in other states

New South Wales
Restorative Justice Unit
Corrective Services NSW
Parramatta Justice Precinct
Level 5, 160 Marsden Street
Ph: (02) 8346 1054
Fax: (02) 8346 1141

South Australia
DCS Victims Services Unit
Department for Correctional Services
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Victims of Crime Victims Register
Justice and Regulation Victoria
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Australian Capital Territory
ACT Corrective Services Victims Register
Victim Liaison Officer
ACT Corrective Services
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT  2601
Ph: (02) 6207 0836

Western Australia
Victim Notification Register
Department of Corrective Services
Level 2 Low Rise
District Court Building
500 Hay Street
Ph: +61 8 9425 2870
Facsimile: +61 8 9425 2869
Freecall:1800 818 988 (outside metro only)

Victim Notification Registry
GPO Box 6702

Northern Territory
Northern Territory Victims Register Coordinator
Crime Victims Services Unit
Department of Attorney-General and Justice
GPO Box 1722
Darwin  NSW 0801
Free Call: 1800 221 372

Interpreter assistance

Phone: 13 14 50

Hearing impaired assistance

TTY users phone: 13 36 77 (no additional call charges apply)

Speak and listen (speech-to-speech relay) users phone: 1300 555 727

Internet relay users connect to the National Relay Service.

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16 October 2017
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