Victim register – youth

As a victim of crime, you may have a right to know certain things about the young person who committed a violent or sexual offence against you if they are in detention.

You can apply to the victim eligible persons register – youth to be kept informed about the young person who committed a violent or sexual offence against you.

Information is only given for young offenders who:

  • have committed a violent or sexual offence against a person (not a property offence)
  • are found guilty
  • and

  • are ordered to a period of detention for that offence.

A violent offence is an offence where a victim suffers actual or threatened violence.

A sexual offence is any of the offences listed in schedule 1 of the Corrective Services Act 2006.

Who is eligible

You can apply to be added to the register as an eligible person relating to a child found guilty of an offence if you are:

  • a victim of the offence
  • an immediate family member of the victim (if the victim has died because of the offence)
  • the victim’s parent (if the victim is a child or has a legal incapacity).

Other people may be eligible to register if it can be shown that their life or safety could be endangered because of:

  • the child’s history of violence against them
  • a connection between the person and the offence.

What kind of information is given

Once registered, you may be kept informed of the following matters relating to the young offender:

  • if they are transferred to a corrective services facility (adult prison)
  • how long their period of detention is
  • when they are eligible for, or due for, discharge or release (including under a supervised release order)
  • if any further cumulative periods of detention are imposed on them while they are held for the offence
  • if they are given permission to engage in activities outside of the detention centre
  • if they are unlawfully at large
  • if they die.

How to apply

Fill in a victim eligible persons register – youth application form and send it to us by email or post.

By email

Send a scanned copy of your completed form and a copy of your identification to

By post

Post your completed form and a copy of your identification to:

Victim eligible persons register – youth
Youth Justice
GPO Box 7096

Once registered

Please see the Victims eligible persons register – youth factsheet for additional information.

You should let us know if your contact details change so we can update the register.


We will keep your details confidential unless you are applying as a person other than the victim or their immediate family member.

In this case, the young person who offended against you will be told that you have applied. They have the right to object.

Transfer to adult prison

Young people in detention may be transferred to an adult prison when they turn 18.

When this happens, a registered person is not automatically added to the victim register for adult offenders.

If you want to be informed about future events relating to the person's sentence, you have to apply under the Queensland Corrective Service's victim register.

Contact us

By phone

Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) (Monday–Friday, 8.30am–4.30pm).

For more information

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