Contacting a prisoner

There are rules about what kind of contact you can have with a prisoner while they are with us.

You can send letters, but you can’t phone a prisoner—they might be able to phone you.


There is no limit to the number of letters you may send to or receive from a prisoner. All normal mail is searched for contraband but is not censored unless authorised by the person in charge of the prison.

Mail should only contain letters and approved family photographs. If approved, you may also send religious reading materials, underwear and court clothing through the mail.

Any mail considered a threat to security or safety may be seized and the sender may be charged for mailing illegal items.

Phone calls

You can’t phone a prisoner, but in emergency situations we may pass a message on to them.

A prisoner can ask to have your phone number put on their approved call list—they can then phone you.

Search for prison locations and contact details.

Note: Your calls will be recorded.