Your refund policy

You do not have to display a sign that details your refund policy.

However, if you do, the sign must not be misleading.

Signs that say "No refunds" are illegal.

The following refund signs or contract terms are also illegal:

  • no refund on sale items
  • no refunds after seven days
  • exchange, repair or credit only
  • no returns on swimwear.

They suggest customers are not entitled to a refund or that the customer has no rights if the goods are faulty in any way.

You must not mislead customers about their legal rights.

Make sure all your staff fully understand your refund policy. This will help them to answer questions from customers and make the right decisions about giving refunds.

We have a recommended sign for both goods-based businesses (PDF, 256KB) and service-based businesses (PDF, 256KB).