Police services and accountability

There are a number of ways that the Queensland Police Service (QPS) remains ethical and accountable. These include training, reviews, investigations, organisations such as the Crime and Corruption Committee (CCC) and the Queensland Public Service code of conduct.

Code of conduct

The Queensland Public Service has a single code of conduct, which all members of the QPS must follow.

The code contains ethical principles. Each principle has an associated set of values and standards of conduct police officers are expected to maintain.

The principles are:

  • integrity and impartiality
  • promoting the public good
  • commitment to the system of government
  • accountability and transparency.

Queensland police must also comply with all relevant legislation, awards, certified agreements, subsidiary agreements, directives, whole-of-government policies and standards.

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Accountability programs and initiatives

The QPS provides programs and initiatives to ensure that its members remain professional and ethical in their dealings, including:

  • an internal complaint system
  • a corruption prevention plan
  • policies on gifts and benefits
  • an internal audit function
  • discipline and ethical awareness training.

The QPS standard of practice supplements the code of conduct and also outlines appropriate behaviour for staff including a statement of ethics.

Client Service Charter

The QPS client service charter, which states what kinds of services the community can expect from the QPS. It outlines the QPS’s expectations of both its own performance and the community.

Ethical Standards Command

The goal of the Ethical Standards Command (ESC) is to ensure the community respects and has confidence in the QPS. The ESC manages the internal discipline process, and promotes ethical behaviour, discipline and professional practice.

The ESC is made up of two distinct functional groups which focus on strategies such as deterrence, education and systems improvements to promote ethical conduct throughout the organisation. These areas are:

  • Integrity & Performance Group (IPG)
  • Internal Investigations Group (IIG).

ESC also works closely with the Crime and Corruption Commission and other statutory bodies.

Making a complaint

If you are unhappy with the conduct of a police officer, you can make a complaint to either:

  • the Queensland Police Service (QPS)
  • the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

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