Police officer complaints

Before making a complaint about a police officer, remember that the police have to enforce the law. Ask yourself whether it’s the police officer’s behaviour that’s upset you, or a law that the officer had to enforce.

Less serious complaints

If a police officer has been slow in responding to your call, rude to you, or has failed to identify himself/herself, you should:

  • complain in writing by post or email


Complain in writing

By post

Post your complaint to:

State Complaints Coordinator’s Office
Ethical Standards Command
Queensland Police Service
GPO Box 1440

More serious matters

As public sectors officers, police are subject to rules regarding ‘corrupt conduct’. Reflecting the high standards we expect of them, they are also subject to a broader set of rules regarding ‘police misconduct’.

Read more about corrupt conduct and police misconduct.

Police misconduct

Police misconduct is conduct that:

  • is disgraceful, improper or unbecoming for a police officer
  • shows unfitness to be or continue as a police officer
  • does not meet the standard the community reasonably expects of a police officer.

Making your complaint

Anybody may report suspected corrupt conduct or police misconduct to the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC). You do not need proof; you just need sufficient reason to believe that the corrupt conduct or police misconduct has occurred.

Alternatively, you may report suspected corruption directly to the Queensland Police Service who are obliged to report the matter to the CCC if they have a reasonable suspicion that corrupt conduct or police misconduct has occurred or may be involved.

Visit the CCC website for more information about how to report corrupt conduct or police misconduct.

Don’t make false complaints

If you make a complaint or provide information to the CCC recklessly, or knowing it to be untrue, you may be prosecuted under the Crime and Corruption Act 2001. Such complaints are serious because they waste public resources and unfairly damage reputations.

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