Disputing a fine

If you have received a fine or a court order, and it is still before the due date, you can dispute the fine by contacting the agency or court that issued it.

If the due date on the notice or order has passed, the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) will send you an enforcement order.

Types of notice

Before you receive an enforcement order, you will be issued with one of these notices. Learn more about what to do once you've received an enforcement order.

Infringement notice

If you disagree with an infringement notice, you should try to resolve the situation with the agency that issued the original infringement, before the due date.

Court order

If you have questions about your court-ordered fine, you need to contact the court that originally heard the matter.

Offender levy

If you disagree with your offender levy, you need to contact the court that applied the levy.

Offender debt recovery notice

If you disagree with your offender debt recovery notice, email OffenderRecovery@justice.qld.gov.au.

Keep your address up to date

It is your responsibility to keep your details up to date.

If an infringement notice or court summons couldn't be given to you directly (e.g. a parking or camera-detected offence), we may use the address on your driver licence or vehicle registration.

Keeping your address up to date is a legal requirement. We will not accept your failure to do so as a valid reason for extending relevant time limits.

Update your details

When you change your address, you should update your details with all relevant agencies.

You can update your details online for: