Victim Coordination Program

Victim Assist Queensland run the local Victim Coordination Program to provide victims of violent crime(s)—in Queensland—with support as they go through the criminal justice system and apply for financial assistance.

Support with the court system

If you, or your family, need to go to court regarding a violent crime and want information about the court process or help understanding legal terms, our victim coordination program can help.

Victim coordination officers can:

  • give you information about the court process—including how long it may take and what to expect
  • refer you to specialist agencies that can provide practical court support
  • help writing a victim impact statement.

Our victim coordination officers can give you extra support if you are experiencing difficult circumstances or have complex needs.

In some situations, victim coordination officers may be able to:

  • support you through a court matter by going with you to court and your court related meetings
  • personally help you write a victim impact statement.

Support with financial assistance

We can help you apply for financial assistance if you were injured as a result of an act of violence. Injuries can be physical (e.g. harm to your body) or they can be psychological (e.g. emotional harm or mental illness).

Financial assistance can help cover costs that may help your recovery including:

  • medical expenses
  • dental expenses
  • counselling costs
  • travel expenses
  • funeral expenses
  • loss of your income.

General support

We can put you in contact with the specialist support services you need for your recovery after being hurt by a violent crime.

See find a support service to see what services are available near you.

Contact us

You can contact our officers by phone or email.


Call 1300 546 587 (business hours) and ask to speak to the appropriate officer (refer to their position title and location).


Email and include your location, contact details, and which officer you would like to contact you.


Officers are located in South Brisbane as well as the Cairns, Ipswich, Rockhampton and Townsville courthouses.


Principal Program Officer
Level 6, 154 Melbourne Street


Victim Coordination Officer
Cairns Courthouse
Ground Floor, 5D Sheridan Street


Victim Coordination Officer
Rockhampton Courthouse
First floor, Cnr East and Fitzroy streets


Victim Coordination Officer
Ipswich Courthouse Registry
43 Ellenborough Street


Victim Coordination Officer
Dispute Resolution Branch
8 Blackhawk Boulevard
Thuringowa Central