Submit your conveyancing, burial or cremation invoices

If you have a standing offer arrangement (SOA) with us you can submit an online claim for conveyancing, burial and cremation services.

This form may only be used by government-contracted funeral directors who hold a current SOA with us.

Use this form to obtain payment for conveyancing or funeral services performed under your SOA.

Your SOA governs the provision of:

  • conveyancing services for deceased persons under the Coroners Act 2003
  • burial or cremation of deceased persons under the Burials Assistance Act 1965.

You must submit this form as soon as possible after performing the service, within a maximum of 30 days.

You will need the following supporting documentation to complete this form:

  • your tax-compliant invoice
  • a record of any mileage being claimed
  • receipts for any third-party expenses
  • a copy of your authorisation letter (for burial or cremation claims).

If you have trouble completing the form, or have a question about the supporting documents required, email

Max file size 15MB.