Find student opportunities

If you are currently enrolled as a university student, you can register to be considered for the following Queensland Government opportunities:

The Queensland Government student portal has closed and will be reopening in March 2020 for new registrations. Revisit the portal to join the talent pool and find opportunities relevant to you.

Industry placements

Industry placements are usually compulsory as part of the completion of certain degrees, but can also be voluntary. Either a university or an employer can initiate an industry placement. There is usually a selection process to award placements to students and each placement can be on a paid or unpaid basis.

Queensland Government agencies conduct their own recruitment processes and applications can open at any time of the year. Departmental websites contain the most up-to-date information on available opportunities and closing dates.

For graduate or student nurses and midwives - contact your local hospital and health service about opportunities while studying.

Find out about industry placements with:


Scholarships provide current undergraduate students a grant or payment to support their education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement. A scholarship with the Queensland Government may include:

  • financial assistance
  • practical on-the-job training in your area of study.

Work experience

Work experience is unpaid, on the job learning for a short period and can be offered to students throughout the year as business need arises.

Work experience with the Queensland Government helps you to:

  • gain valuable hands-on experience while you study
  • get a head start and help make your CV stand out from your peers
  • build strong networks within your chosen profession.