Transfers to other properties

When your provider asks you to transfer

If you live in community housing, your tenancy manager (provider) can ask you to transfer to another property.

This may be because:

  • your household no longer needs the property you’re in (e.g. you don’t need all the bedrooms anymore and can move to a smaller property)
  • a fire or natural disaster has made the property unliveable
  • your household no longer needs the special features or modifications available at the property
  • the property is to be demolished, redeveloped or upgraded, or needs significant maintenance
  • there are health and safety issues
  • there have been ongoing neighbourhood disputes or harassment.

When you ask for a transfer

You can ask your tenancy manager for a transfer if your current housing doesn’t meet your needs for any of these reasons (as well as those above):

  • you are experiencing domestic or family violence, or at risk of violence from members of the local community or neighbourhood
  • your household needs to live closer to essential services, employment or educational facilities
  • your household needs to move to meet cultural obligations, or for family or informal support
  • the design or size of the current property no longer meets your household’s needs.

Applying for a transfer

To apply for a transfer, lodge an Application for transfer (PDF, 800KB) (RTF, 1.1MB) with your tenancy manager. They will assess your eligibility for ongoing housing assistance and your need for a transfer, and tell you what they decide.

If your transfer request is approved, your tenancy manager will look for other housing options for you within their own housing stock, or through other community housing providers.

If there are no suitable properties available, they may help you apply to be put onto the housing register. This means you would be considered for future vacancies in public or community housing.

Getting help to move

Ask your tenancy manager whether financial assistance is available to help you move.