Pets in community housing

Each community housing provider has their own rules about keeping pets in their properties.

They set rules about pets based on:

  • whether the property is owned by the provider or leased from the government or a private landlord
  • the property type (e.g. units are usually unsuitable for large pets)
  • local government rules and regulations.

Guide dogs and assistance animals

Tenants and household members can keep a guide dog, a hearing dog or an assistance animal.

If you have an animal like this, talk to your tenancy manager about your needs.

Special circumstances

If you have special circumstances or a medical need to keep a pet, your tenancy manager may ask for evidence of these needs, such as a letter from a medical practitioner, psychologist or support worker.

Declaring your pets

When you complete your application for housing assistance, provide details of your pets, including:

  • type of pet (e.g. dog, cat, bird, etc.)
  • size of pet (e.g. small dog weighing 5kg)
  • number of pets.

This information will help providers match and refer applicants from the housing register.