Family payments and support

A range of government benefits and payments are available to help families with the costs of bringing up children. This page is a guide to many of those payments.

On this page:

New parents

  • New Upfront Payment and Newborn Supplement - a payment when you start caring for a baby or child that’s recently come into your care.
  • Parental Leave Pay - eligible working parents will receive payments for a maximum of 18 weeks to help with the cost of a newborn baby or adopted child. The payments are made to the primary carer of the child.
  • Dad and Partner Pay - up to 2 weeks pay may be available if you are caring for a newborn baby or adopted child and you are on unpaid leave or are not working.

Childcare assistance

The following benefits may help to reduce the cost of your childcare fees:

Help with the cost of raising children

Help with medical costs

Help with education costs

Financial support may be available to help with the cost of educating your child. This includes:

Your child may also be eligible for Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.

Parents or carers of a child with an illness or disability

Financial support for parents and carers may include:

  • Carer Payment - an income support payment if you give constant care to someone who has a severe disability, illness, or an adult who is frail aged
  • Carer Allowance - an additional fortnightly payment if you give daily care to someone who has a disability, serious illness, or is frail aged.
  • Child Disability Assistance Payment - an automatic yearly payment if you get Carer Allowance for 1 July and looking after a child with a disability or serious illness.

Single parents

As a single parent, you may be able to claim the Parenting Payment.

You may also be eligible for other payments listed on this page, including:

Find out about parenting plans and child support so that you can make the best arrangements for your child.

Rural and remote families

Assistance for rural and remote Australians is provided through schemes and payments offered by Human Services (Centrelink).

If you have an illness or injury and can't work

If you have been away from work because of illness or injury for a total of 3 months or more (either continuously or during a 12 month period), your employer may be within their rights to review your employment. Contact the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 for more information and to discuss your situation.

If you have lost your job or income, you can read about other forms of financial help and cost of living support.

Special Benefit

Special Benefit payments may be available if you are in severe financial hardship and cannot receive any other income support.​​