Financial planning and budgets

Having a budget allows you and your family to better manage money and plan for the future. It’s an easy way to work out what you can spend, and what you can afford.

Find out how to:

Financial advice

A financial adviser or planner may help you and your family reach important financial goals sooner. They can keep you on track and work out how you can benefit from tax and other government concessions.

Check that your adviser is licensed and ask questions before you make any decisions.

Financial counselling

Financial counsellors provide free information and support to people in financial difficulty, and may negotiate with creditors on your behalf. They work through selected community organisations or government departments.

Find your nearest financial counsellor

Some charities also offer free financial advice.


Making a budget will help you take charge of your money and can help ease stress.

Use a budget planner to:

  • work out where your money is going
  • see if you're spending more than you can afford.

Having a baby

If you're having a baby or adopting a child, check what expenses you should plan for and how they will affect your budget.

Budgeting tools and guides

The Raising Children Network provides links to interactive budget planning tools and money guides to help you develop a spending and savings plan.

Advice for specific groups

Advice on how to save and manage money better, including making a budget, is available for:

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