Public register—Environmental Protection Act 1994

The Department of Environment and Science maintains a Public Register that provides information and documentation related to the administration and enforcement activities it undertakes in line with the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

You have the right to view and request information included on the Public Register. This information is available by:

Search for Public Register information available online

The following Public Register information is available online and can be accessed by selecting the links below:

Public Register information available onlineDescription of Public Register information available online
Environmental authority register

Details of current licences (environmental authorities) issued for resource activities (mining and petroleum and gas) and prescribed activities.

Environmental authorities are a licence or permit authorising an operator to undertake an environmentally relevant activity. An environmental authority includes conditions that an operator must comply with when undertaking the activity.

Current environmental authority application or amendment documents for larger scale geothermal, greenhouse gas storage, petroleum activities and mining activities relating to a mining lease

Details of current environmental authority applications or amendments for larger scale geothermal, greenhouse gas storage, petroleum activities and mining activities relating to a mining lease.

Members of the public can make submissions on these applications, which are then taken into consideration as part of the department’s assessment process.

Current environmental impact statement (EIS) processes

Details of projects currently undergoing environmental impact statement (EIS) assessments coordinated by the department.

Many large resource projects are required to prepare an EIS before an environmental authority can be issued. It assesses potential adverse and beneficial impacts of the project including environmental, economic and social.

Current suitable operator registrations

Details of registered suitable operators in Queensland.

A suitable operator is a person or corporation who has been registered by the department as being suitable to carry out an environmentally relevant activity.

Eligibility criteria and standard conditions

Details of eligibility criteria and standard conditions that have been approved for the following environmentally relevant activities.

  • Prescribed activities
  • Mining resource activities
  • Non-mining resource activities.
Enforcement register

A range of enforcement actions taken by the department are available on the enforcement register including:

  • accepted enforceable undertakings
  • transitional environmental programs
  • environmental protection orders
  • environmental evaluations
  • direction notices
  • clean-up notices
  • cost recovery notices.

The following enforcement information is not included in the Public Register:

  • Warning notices and letters
  • Penalty infringement notices
  • Prosecution outcomes
Environmental Management and Contaminated land Registers (EMR/CLR)

The EMR and CLR are public registers which list contaminated, or potentially contaminated land, in Queensland and can be searched for a fee.

A register search is commonly done by people who are considering:

  • buying a property
  • developing or changing the use of a parcel of land.

Search the environmental authority locations or enforcement action locations interactive maps

Note: Not all enforcements are available to view as a map feature. Due to changes in the Digital Cadastral Database, some map features may not accurately represent the locations described in enforcement notices or environmental authorities.

Submit a Public Register information request

Public Register information that is not currently available online can be accessed by submitting a request for Public Register information.

The following types of information are available by request in accordance with section 540 and 540A of the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

  • Environmental authority (EA) document (if not available online)
  • Application documents for an EA or EA amendment (including information requests)
  • Plans of operations
  • Progressive rehabilitation and closure plans (PRCP)
  • Application documents for a proposed PRCP or amendment or a PRCP schedule (including information requests)
  • Audit reports of PRCP schedules
  • PRCP schedules that are no longer in effect
  • Reports about public interest evaluations
  • Temporary Emission Licences (TELs)
  • Annual returns, including PRCP or CSG evaluations
  • Information notices about financial assurance
  • Estimated rehabilitation cost decisions
  • Monitoring programs (including results) carried out under the EP Act or a development approval
  • Documents required under a condition of an EA, Transitional Environmental Program (TEP) or a TEL
  • Enforcement actions, (if not available online) not including penalty infringement notices or warnings
  • Suitable operators who have had their registrations cancelled or suspended.

There are no fees associated with these requests.

Response timeframes for Public Register information requests

Requests for Public Register information that is not currently available online are responded to dependent on their size and complexity. The department will endeavour to provide a response within 10–60 business days.

Other ways to access departmental information

The Public Register is just one way that you can access information and documents held by the department.

Information that is not included on the Public Register may still be available through other options for accessing departmental information.


For general enquiries about Public Register information, contact the Department of Environment and Science.