Current projects

The department is responsible for coordinating environmental impact statement (EIS) assessment processes under Chapter 3 of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act).

The list below provides links to information about resource projects currently undergoing EIS assessments coordinated by the department.

Current EIS assessment processes

Project Current status Next action date
Baralaba South Project Final ToR issued. Proponent prepares EIS. 19/01/2020
Central Queensland Coal Project EIS stage. Proponent requested extension to respond to EIS submissions. 18/06/2020
Isaac Downs ProjectPublic notification of EIS21/04/2020
Lake Vermont Meadowbrook ProjectPublic notification of draft ToR06/04/2020
Saint Elmo Vanadium Project Public notification of EIS. Proponent prepares response to submissions.  11/02/2020
Saraji East Mining Lease Project Final ToR issued. Proponent prepares EIS. 31/03/2020
Walton Coal ProjectFinal ToR issued. Proponent prepares EIS.10/05/2020