Public register—Environmental Protection Act 1994

The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) maintains a public register of records related to the regulation of environmentally relevant activities. This is provided in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and you have the right to view and request this information.

To view records on the public register, we recommend that you:

  1. Search the Public Register Portal for immediate access to online records related to environmental authorities, enforcement actions, and rehabilitation plans.
  2. If you cannot find a record on the portal, submit a public register information request. The department is typically able to respond to these requests within 10–75 business days, depending on the size and complexity of your request.

The public register is just one way to access information held by the department. Information that is not releasable under the public register may still be available through other options for accessing departmental information.

Search guide for public register information

The following table summarises the records that can be searched and/or requested through the public register.

Record nameDescriptionAvailability
Annual returns

Some environmental authority (EA) holders are required to report on their operations annually (including progressive rehabilitation and closure plans, and coal seam gas evaluations).

Returns from the 2020 reporting year onward have been digitised and are available in the online portal. Returns prior to this date can be obtained via an information request.

Portal or Information request
Environmental authority (EA) applications for public notification Current applications or major amendments for large scale petroleum, coal, or mining activities that are undergoing public notification. DESI website
Environmental authority (EA) applications Operators must apply for an environmental authority (EA) before undertaking an environmentally relevant activity.

The online portal shows valid applications that have been received or decided since August 2021.

Portal or Information request

Environmental authorities

An environmental authority (EA) allows the holder(s) to conduct environmentally relevant activities. An EA may also be known as a permit or licence.

Most current permits are available online through the Portal.

Previous versions of permit documents may also be accessible through the Portal. The department will incrementally add these versions over time.

Where a record is not already available online, it may be obtained via an Information Request.

Portal or Information request
Eligibility criteria and standard conditions Criteria for EA holders to conduct environmentally relevant activities (ERAs) and the standard conditions which apply to those activities. DESI website
Enforcement actions

Enforcement actions issued as a result of non-compliance. Not all enforcement types are releasable under the provisions of the public register; those available through the register include:

  • Accepted enforceable undertakings
  • Transitional environmental program (TEP)
  • Environmental protection order
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Direction notice
  • Clean-up notice
  • Cost recovery notice
Supporting documentation Documents required under a condition of an environmental authority (EA), transitional environmental program (TEP) or a temporary emissions licence (TEL). Information request
Environmental impact statements (EIS)

Large mining and petroleum projects must prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) before an environmental authority can be issued.

Current EIS documents are available on the DESI website. Historical EIS documents may be requested via an Information Request.

DESI website or Information request
Environmental management and contaminated land registers Land that is affected by hazardous substances. Searching these registers will incur a fee. DESI website
Estimated rehabilitation cost decision An estimated rehabilitation cost (ERC) is the cost required to rehabilitate or manage disturbance of land on which a regulated resource activity is carried out. Portal or Information request
Information notices about financial assurance Financial assurance is a type of security to cover the expense incurred in taking action on a regulated prescribed activity. Information request
Plans of operations A plan of operations details how environmental authority holders will meet rehabilitation requirements. These plans are only required for certain petroleum activities. The online Portal includes plans received since November 2023. Portal or Information request
Progressive rehabilitation and closure plans (PRCP)
  • Application documents
  • Amendments
  • Schedules
  • Audit reports
  • Public interest evaluation (PIE) reports
Suitable operator (cancelled or suspended) A record that an individual or organisation was previously eligible to hold or apply for an environmental authority (EA), but no longer current. Information request
Suitable operator (current) A record that an individual or organisation is eligible to hold or apply for an environmental authority (EA). Portal
Temporary emissions licence (TEL) A licence that enables the holder to release a contaminant into the environment, typically in response to an unforeseen event. This includes TELs created from 2012 onwards. Portal

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For general enquiries about the public register (including requests for records that cannot be obtained through the online portal, or information request form) contact the department: