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We produce free publications, including reports, papers, manuals, newsletters and information sheets.

Some of our publications are for sale - like The Flora of Stradbroke Island, and print issues of the Queensland Herbarium journal Austrobaileya.

In this page we provide a list of some of these publications and how to obtain them.

Publications for free

Austrobaileya online

Recent issues Austrobaileya are available online.

The Vegetation of Queensland

The Vegetation of Queensland: Descriptions of Broad Vegetation Groups describes the 98 broad vegetation groups (BVGs) defined for the 1:1 million mapping level and lists the most extensive regional ecosystems included in each group.

This document synthesises the information gained from more than 35 years of survey and mapping of vegetation and regional ecosystems by more than 80 staff at the Queensland Herbarium. The document is illustrated with 375 photographs, 108 tables and 103 maps, with detailed pre-clearing and remnant extent, and extent within the protected area estate.

Authors: John Neldner, Rosemary Niehus, Bruce Wilson, Bill McDonald, Andrew Ford and Arnon Accad.

The document is available for free download.

Queensland’s Regional Ecosystems. Building and maintaining a biodiversity inventory, planning framework and information system for Queensland

Regional Ecosystems provide a robust and systematic biodiversity inventory, planning framework and information system for Queensland. The development and refinement of the regional ecosystem classification and mapping of Queensland is described in this document.

Authors: John Neldner, Don Butler and Gordon Guymer

The document is available for free download.

Census of the Queensland Flora

The Census of the Queensland Flora provides a published list of all the known native and naturalised species of plants, algae, fungi and lichens in the state.

Manuals, reports, keys and guides

The following manuals, methodology, reports, papers, brochures and information sheets are available for free at our online library catalogue.

Publications for sale

Contact us if you are interested in buying any of the publications below:

  • Austrobaileya is the annual journal of the Queensland Herbarium. Recent issues are available free online.
  • Stephens, K.M. and Sharp, D. (2009). The Flora of North Stradbroke Island. Environmental Protection Agency, Brisbane. ISBN: 978-1-920928-15-5.
  • Harden, G., McDonald, W.F. and Williams, J. (2007). Rainforest Climbing Plants: A field guide to their identification. Ligare Book Printer: Riverwood NSW.
  • Playford, J. and Murray, R. (2000). Threatened Plants – Active Bushcare. The Centre for Conservation Biology, University of Queensland, Brisbane.
  • Willmott, W. (2006). Rocks and Landscapes of the National Parks of Central Queensland. Kingswood Press: Underwood Qld.