There are a number of resources to help you identify and collect weed specimens.

The Weed Spotter App is an easy way for you to send weed photographs to the Queensland Herbarium for identification via your Android smartphone. Download the app or view the Terms of Use and User Guide.

The Weed Spotters Handbook has all the information you need to start spotting weeds in your region.

Reducing weed risks from fodder aims to increase awareness of weed risks associated with fodder use in Queensland. It highlights tools which can be used to help assess weed risks, along with strategies for reducing weed risks associated with fodder.

Weed spotters bulletin

We produce a monthly bulletin on the latest activities of the Weed Spotters Network Queensland.




For older editions of the Weed Spotters bulletin, please email

Technical weed identification sheets

The following weed identification sheets have been provided for specific species, or groups of species, that cannot be easily identified from pictures and text.

The keys are technical and require a basic understanding of botanical terminology. It is assumed that the user has already confidently identified the specimen to the level of genus.

Instructions on how to use the keys are included at the top of each sheet.

A hand lens or magnifying glass may be needed to observe some characteristics.

For explanation of terms, consult the Flora of Australia glossary of terms.

Additional information about weeds is available on the Business Queensland website.