WildNet database

The WildNet database supports Queensland’s biodiversity and protected areas by providing important wildlife information that underpins conservation policies, programs and management responses.

WildNet contains information on more than 21,000 species including plants, fungi, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater and cartilaginous fishes and select invertebrate groups and includes:

  • wildlife information including nomenclature, conservation statuses and notes about their distribution, habitat etc.
  • wildlife location records and associated ecological survey data
  • species lists for a range of Queensland area types including reserves, local government areas and catchments
  • documents, images, maps, sounds, websites related to species and reserves
  • data source and project metadata.

This information has been provided by government agencies, researchers, business, natural resource management bodies and citizen science programs.

WildNet information that is approved for publication is delivered in a number of ways including:

  • Species profile search—an online tool to find species information such as species names, notes and images and download species locations from the WildNet database.
  • Species lists—a tool to generate species lists for Queensland’s protected areas, local government, forestry and nominated areas.
  • Biomaps—an online mapping system to access published WildNet records and other biodiversity related spatial layers and generate environmental reports including WildNet species lists reports for selected properties and drawn areas.
  • Environmental reports online—a tool to generate environmental reports including WildNet species lists reports for nominated properties (Lot on Plan or street address) and tenure numbers.
  • Qld wildlife data API—a platform that retrieves species names, profiles, notes, statuses, images, species survey locations and project information from the WildNet database.
  • Queensland Globe—WildNet records are displayed in the Biota (Flora & Fauna) theme.
  • Atlas of Living Australia—a subset of WildNet records are periodically extracted for incorporation within the atlas.

A number of WildNet products are also published in the Queensland Government Open Data portal and the Queensland Spatial Catalogue (QSpatial).