Useful wildlife resources

Queensland species lists, wildlife information and survey data can also be accessed from the following sites.


  • BiomapsOnline mapping system to access biodiversity related spatial layers and reports.
  • Species profile search
    Find species information such as species names, notes and images and download species locations for Queensland’s native and naturalised plants and animals from the WildNet database.
  • WetlandMaps
    Online mapping system with spatial layers and tools to generate species lists and view published survey data, species locations and project data from the WildNet database.
  • WetlandSummary—facts and maps
    Access environmental information for a range of area types within Queensland (such as local government areas and national parks) and access species lists, notes and images.
  • Regrowth benefits indicative map
    Interactive map to locate information about particular places (sites) and their suitability for regrowing native forest including biodiversity benefits for priority species.


Plants and animals